Done-For-You Mental Health Medical Billing Services

    Get paid fast for what you love doing - treating patients!

      • Improve revenue by an average of 20%
      • Discover the Done-For-You Billing Service Difference
      • Improve your reputation, cash flow, and freedom
      • Without major changes to your daily workflow


We offer out-of-box integrations with over 70 EHR platforms so there is never a need to change the EHR you are already used to. In case you do not use electronic health records and keep notes on paper or via other means outside an EHR, we can still provide the same great level of service. 

Customer Reviews

We work with Mental Health, Behavioral Health and other specialties. 

  • LCSW
  • Psychology
  • Psychiatry
  • LMHC
  • LMFT
  • ABA Therapy Billing
  • Internal Medicine
  • Labs
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Language Therapy
  • Ophthalmology/ Optometry
  • Dentist
  • Cardiology
  • Podiatry

Our services are available in IL, IA, WI, MO, AZ, MA, TX and MT at this time, however we are open to exploring other partnerships. 

You take care of your patient. We get your claims paid.

Claim Processing

You see the patients and we create the claims and process them on a daily basis. 

Insurance Payment Posting

Insurance payments are posted upon receipt and in most cases we post in both our billing system as well as your EHR. 

Current Claims Follow UP

Not all claims get paid, but they may not be rejected or denied, however these claims need to be worked just as much. Out team works unresolved claims on a daily basis. 

Rejected and Denied Claims 

Rejections and denials are addressed on a daily basis by our expert team. We will work claims until a final resolution is reached regardless how many times a claims need to be worked. 

A/R Clean-up

Let's face it, you don't have time to call insurance companies and log in to all the different portals to figure out what is going on with your claims. We do both old claims clean up and we maintain current claims so they don't end up in the A/R buckets. 

Robust Reports and KPIs

Proper reporting is vital for any practice so that you have visibility and the understanding of your finances. We have thousands of reports we can provide specific to your individual needs. 

The reasons mental and medical providers chose our Done-For-You Medical Billing Services

You KNOW there has to be an easier way.

Maybe one of your staff resigned… and you uncovered a billing mess.

Or you just want to focus on your patients. (Isn’t that why you went into this business in the first place?)

You recognize that all the time you spend supervising your billing staff— or worse, doing it yourself— equals LOST REVENUE, since you could be seeing patients.

Are you sick of having to deal with insurance companies?

Maybe it made sense to do it yourself when you first started your practice, but now that you’re growing, you need to be more efficient.

You suspect that outsourcing your medical billing may be the answer…

Lots of successful providers have discovered the BENEFITS of done-for-you medical billing.

Great news—

If you are looking for a reputable medical billing service you are in the right place...

No more call centers and and reps that know nothing about billing.

Done-for you billing experts who can:

FREE your time to focus on your patients.

Get your hard-earned money into your bank account faster.

Eliminate the frustration of being on hold with insurance companies.

Cut your staffing costs, increasing your business’s profitability.

Make sure money keeps flowing INTO your practice…even when you or your staff go on vacation.

Safeguard your practice from disruptive employee turnover.

Are you ready to spend more time enjoying life with friends and family?

Are you ready to say goodbye to frustrating calls with insurance companies?

Would you rather just focus on clinical work, without having to constantly hire, train, and manage billing staff?

Are you ready to see more money deposited in your bank account, as your denials decrease, and your claims get paid?

We have made it easy with my Done-For-You Billing Service.

Just book your consultation now!

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